Our Pledge

Converting the mill is a long project that will involve some challenging moments and compromises. Before we started, we wrote a pledge that describes what we aspire to achieve. We use this to remind us of our vision and guide the choices that we make.

  1. Conserve the building and its character
  2. Repair wherever possible and then replace
  3. Replace like with like or a well-researched alternative
  4. Use materials already present and minimise steelworks
  5. Restore the waterwheel to working order
  6. Use the waterwheel to generate electricity
  7. Maximise energy efficiency
  8. Preserve milling machinery
  9. House examples of milling tools and equipment
  10. Restore and protect internal machinery
  11. Maintain a view of the mill from the bridge
  12. Host and maintain a website about Flitwick Mill
  13. Support a limited number of viewings by appointment
  14. Hold an open day each year