Story of a Grist Mill

A thousand years of milling ended in 1987 when the grist mill closed its doors. The last of the millers of Flitwick had passed away and the mill fell into neglect.

Our story with the mill begins when we took ownership in 2012. The ravages of nature had taken hold and the building was in dire need of some tender loving care. Planning permission to make it into a house was eventually obtained in 2009. 

The north-west side of Flitwick Mill

We bought the derelict watermill with planning permission to turn it into a dwelling. Our challenge as new owners is to do that in a sensitive and creative way, preserving as much as possible the overall feel and character of a grist mill.

Flitwick mill is a great story and we have done our utmost to discover the evolution of the building and the history of the people who ran it. We have fallen in love with the building and this is our story of the journey to put it into good order for the next thousand years.

High Water

The waterwheel during the high waters of April 2012

Waterwheel Restoration
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