Waterwheel Restoration

Starting Point

When we bought the mill in 2012, the wheel was rusted in place and many of the buckets had almost completely rusted away.

High Waters

April 2012

Just a few weeks after we bought the mill, nature showed us just how much water it can cope with. The wheel hasn't turned since 1987 so the cascade of water and debris over the top is dramatic and destructive.

Removing Buckets & Cleaning

August 2013

Work started on removing the buckets, clearing up the piles of rust and scouring the wheel with a steel brush. Once the buckets had been removed, we were able to inspect the wheels to see if they are in good enough condition for new buckets to be attached. We're also able to take a closer look at the bearing.

Shape of the Buckets

Once the wheels have been stripped the shape of each bucket is easy to see.

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